Saturday, September 13, 2008

The vision

The very tiny community that has already grown up around this garden project has been really exciting. I'm amazed at the number of conversations I've had with people about what we are doing, considering that the garden is in someone's backyard- not exactly a very high profile spot. More exciting still, is how interested those people have been, and how willing to help. I have a growing list of volunteers- I only wish that we had a bigger space so that we could put all this energy to good use! From the tenants of the building, to the business owners downstairs, to the neighbor whose fence isn't too tall to see over, to the employees of the restaurants to complete strangers that engage me in conversation as I walk down the busy city street with armloads of salad greens, or shovels and compost- everyone has been really enthusiastic. And that has just been filling me with such joy lately.

The only thing that hasn't been bringing me joy in regards to this garden is the way the lettuce is growing, or in this case, not growing. I think that the seeds we have are not quite right for this climate but unfortunately, as things go with gardening, problems usually take a few weeks (at least) to identify and then attempt to rectify. So, the salad mix is heavier on the arugula and baby kale than I would ideally have it, but thankfully, those are some of nicest I've ever grown.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Harvest!
Today was an exciting day. I got up early to go harvest before the strong September sun wilted all the tender baby greens. Luckily,  the yard stays pretty shady throughout the morning, so I had ample time. I had been anxious that we wouldn't be able to harvest enough at once from our small space to make it usable for a busy restaurant. But the dense planting was deceiving and in the end, I delivered 5 large, and full, bags! Hooray! And, I must say- they were beautiful greens. The insects haven't found us yet- one of the benefits of growing food amongst a whole lot of pavement. So, I was thrilled and skipped down the street with my delivery. From farm to table in under 5 minutes- not too bad.