Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Harvest!
Today was an exciting day. I got up early to go harvest before the strong September sun wilted all the tender baby greens. Luckily,  the yard stays pretty shady throughout the morning, so I had ample time. I had been anxious that we wouldn't be able to harvest enough at once from our small space to make it usable for a busy restaurant. But the dense planting was deceiving and in the end, I delivered 5 large, and full, bags! Hooray! And, I must say- they were beautiful greens. The insects haven't found us yet- one of the benefits of growing food amongst a whole lot of pavement. So, I was thrilled and skipped down the street with my delivery. From farm to table in under 5 minutes- not too bad.


Anonymous said...

you did it! yaaaaaay

Anonymous said...

you did it! woohooooooooo