Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little help from my friends

Now back from my epic journey, I have once again plunged into the garden with about as much abandon as I can muster.  Thanks to Jessie, the garden looks and feels lush and vibrant.  The rows that she planted are thriving in a prosperous fashion and are delicious.  Weird Fish, (18th and Mission) started by former Boogaloos Manager Timothy Holt and Boogaloos G.M. Peter Hood, has been buying the veggies from the garden wholesale as a way to cover our costs.  There is still some experimentation required to get the financial kinks worked through.  Getting costs covered during a start-up year for a garden is tough.  There are many little expenses, even when we are using a lot of recycled and found material for construction.  I'd say though that we are off to a good start.  The real challenge will be our first winter here in the garden.  Not knowing how much we'll be able to produce may lead us to be even more creative.  Only time will tell.  

It is becoming clear to me as this project grows how much we need community support.  Even with a small garden, we need all the hands we can get.  Holding down day jobs and producing food for restaurants is a tall order.  There never seems like enough hours in the day.  Luckily, we have the interest of some potential volunteers.  Each week we'll be welcoming the help of local volunteers to help with things like weeding and maintenance.  Boogaloos employee Joel Scott came out to help us this week with his pickup truck.  He helped me move organic debris and trash from the space as well as collect some wooden pallets.  We'll be using the wood from the pallets to build a compost bin.  Hopefully we'll use red worms to most efficiently compost the organic refuse.  More on that later. 

Go on down to Weird Fish to sample this week's harvest; Baby salad greens with Arugula and Mizuna, wild green onions, Baby Tat Soi and Baby Russian Kale.

Wish us luck


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Savastio said...

You say "as much abandon as I can muster", I say "you have abandoned your moustache! That's OK, great to see you back amongst the 'rugula fields.