Friday, April 10, 2009

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Link of the week

I just wanted to post the interview I recently had with Adam at SF menu pages.  I am grateful for the press.  Certainly, spreading the word about what we do is the hardest part.  A little help never hurts.  Thanks Adam.  

Be sure to come down to The Corner this weekend for some fresh mission-grown green garlic, salad mix and Russian Kale!!

Click this link to read the interveiw.  



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Chris Burley said...

Hey David and Jessie, thanks so much for doing what you're doing.. This idea and concept's time has come and I'm so glad you're going for it.

I'm quite familiar with Urban Ag and the need to increase food security and access because I'm currently helping lead MyFarm here in San Francisco.

Please check us out:

I'd love to exchange knowledge and best practices sometime soon! email me at chris (a@t)